2015 Giro D’Italia Passed Lots of IPG Properties

2015 Giro D’Italia Passed Lots of IPG Properties

Last Wednesday was the day that the Giro d’Italia comes to town.

It was the fifth stage of the race and it passed though Gragnano where http://www.italianpropertygallery.com/property/casa-eugenio/

is, then through Castelnuovo di Garfagnana wherehttp://www.italianpropertygallery.com/proper…/villa-varinia/ is which is reduced to 490.000 euros then through Barga where the TV cameras will be and so is http://www.italianpropertygallery.com/prop…/casa-la-mocchia/ coming downhill to Fornoli where the greatly reducedhttp://www.italianpropertygallery.com/property/casa-manila/ onto Bagni di Lucca where we find http://www.italianpropertygallery.com/property/casa-nobile/ up towards Abetone passing bothhttp://www.italianpropertygallery.com/property/casa-galante/ andhttp://www.italianpropertygallery.com/property/casa-enrico/ are finishing at the ski resort of Abetone.

It was a very exciting build up and a very exciting moment as all the cyclists passed.  The nicest thing was the see the Rai Sport Footage of the race making the perfect showcase of our area.  The aerial shots were particularly beautiful.  This is just an amazing place to buy a house as there is so much to enjoy.


Giro 2015 T15_MadonnaDC_plan_ORIG

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