Heat Wave?  What Heat Wave?

Heat Wave? What Heat Wave?

The UK  ‘enjoyed’ a heat wave at the beginning of the Summer with temperatures reaching the mid-80’s, not just for one day but for a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, with the hot temperatures came humidity and also the problem that the UK is not set up for hot weather.

Here in Tuscany, it is normal to enjoy temperatures in the 80’s all the way through the Summer occasionally dipping into the 70’s on the rare days that it rains.

Our area around Lucca enjoys a fantastic Summer with high temperatures, sunshine and mountain breezes that act as natural air conditioning in the properties that we have for sale here in Tuscany.

We are completely set up here in Tuscany to enjoy the sun with white water rafting, open air swimming pools, wooded cycle and walking paths.  What are you waiting for?  Come and find out what 3 months of Summer is really like in one of our delightful properties for sale, some of which are also available to rent.

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