2015 Mille Miglia comes to Lucca

2015 Mille Miglia comes to Lucca

1000 migliaSaturday May 16th, 2015 Italian Property Gallery were proud to sponsor the third leg of the 1000 Miglia Vintage car race.  The first Mille Miglia race event took place in 1927 and only cars that took part in the original historic race are eligable to compete even now. This year, the Ferrari Owners Club and Mercedes Owners Club added their tribute to the race.  The roar of them arriving was awesome.  They did a lap around the walls before parading into Piazza Napoleone.  After this came all the vintage cars.  Only cars that took place in the race or registered for the race between 1927 and 1957 can take part in this endurance race even now. The race takes place over three days and leaves the Northern city of Brescia for Rome and then completes the circle back to Brescia.  This year, the cars passed through Lucca, Ponte a Moriano and Bagni di Lucca on their way back to Brescia.

The Italian Property Gallery were proud to be part of this event Yesterday in Lucca, we had the pleasure of watching Riley’s, Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s, Porche’s to name but a few of the makes of cars.  As well as the exhibited classic cars parked in various places in the city and on the walls.
Ferrari 458

Mercedes slr

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