Music Festival Tuscan Style

Music Festival Tuscan Style

Under a Tuscan sky, who would have thought to find one of the most unique and important rock and pop music festivals in the World.  No we are not talking about 3 days of dysentery in a muddy field with little escape from endless music from midday to the small hours, 80% of which you didn’t want to hear in the first place.  Here, we are talking festival Tuscan style.  A whole month of regular concerts in a stunning piazza, eating ice-cream, and drinking wine just a stone’s throw away from your newly purchased Tuscan property.

No need to pack the wellies, no jacket even required, if you bought your property close to Lucca you may even be able to walk or cycle to the concerts.  Even if you have to drive, most of the properties in our part of Tuscany are within an hours’ drive of the concerts.

This year, we went to see Diana Krall who felt so relaxed in Tuscany she even bought a pair of boots before her soundcheck.

Two nights later, were an energetic Florentine band called Litfiba who are massive in Italy and have a career spanning over 20 years.

The mythical Leonard Cohen was on the next night, but we had seen him when he was in Tuscany, four years ago.

Bryan Adams rocked Piazza Grande as the locals called it, as only this Canadian Rocker can.

Thursday, July 11th was the turn of that Antepodian artist Nick Cave who was fascinating.  People came from all over Italy to see him.

If you can find your property in Tuscany on Piazza Napoleone, you even get a free view of the bands.  If you don’t like an artist, you can bet you can rent your window space out and make money on your Tuscan investment.  We are still only half way through the festival Thirty Seconds to Mars are up next.


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2 Thoughts on “Music Festival Tuscan Style

  1. Joe says:

    will there be a concert at the same piazza in 2015? J

    • Sarita Vincent says:

      Yes, so far, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Idol, The Script and some other artists are confirmed.

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