Two Bedroomed Project House with Back Garden 

Much has been done over the last ten years to develop the lakeside village of Gramolazzo, the lake front is dotted with restaurants, a camp site and sports activities.  There are fantastic walks to done around the lakes and hills.  There are historic museums and a fortress close by.

The house has a new roof and new floors but will need all new finishings done.  Although it needs to be noted that the stairs are MARBLE, the bannister is MARBLE and the window frames are GRANITE.  That’s what happens when a house is near the marble. The rooms are large, especially upstairs allowing a 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  Downstairs, there are two more rooms; a kitchen and sitting room.  Behind the house is a small courtyard to be accessed from the house.

This house is excellent as a first project as the project is very contained, all the services are within walking distance.  The entire exterior of the property has been restored with new shutters to protect the house.

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