Casa Boffi - For Sale €48,000

ID-Casa Boffi

Village House At the Front of the Village with Amazing Views Across to the Alpi Apuane

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  • Pizza Oven in the attic
  • Fantastic Views


This property is a property to restore but it is an easy restoration that can be contained within a budget.  One enters on the middle floor which gives access down to the number of cantinas underneath.  These also open out onto the road which is navigatable with a small car making it easy to drop off shopping.  There is even a route to then go out of the village avoiding the need to turn round and also avoiding meeting any other cars as everyone in the village knows, to go in one way and out the other.

There is both an electricity and water meter in the property although the services are cut off currently.  The property is also attached to the mains sewers that run along the road.

The rooms on the main floor are all south facing with a kitchen, dining room and bathroom on the ground floor.  Upstairs are three more bedrooms with an annex room.  This annex room is almost like a mezzanine floor as it is down a few steps.

There is even a bread oven in the attic as well as a number of interesting antiques under the dust.  These will be staying in the house.

There is also extra land with this house underneath where a pool could possibly be built.

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