Casa Caterina - For Sale €150,000

ID-Casa Caterina

FULLY RESTORED AND READY TO MOVE IN HOUSE IN THE MUCH SOUGHT AFTER FABBRICHE DI VERGEMOLI - full of character, with beams, terracotta floors and some walls with stone on show. 

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  • Fully Restored with Double Glazing
  • Fantastic Views
  • Close to Tourist Destinations
  • 2 Bathrooms

Overview - well known for its tourist attractions this is the larger of two adjoining homes that were restored very recently and to the highest of standards. 

Reception Room 1 4.7 m x 6 m open plan with two large windows enjoying the view of the Appenines. 

Kitchen 1 - this is open plan within the living area and is fully equipped with cooker, oven, dishwasher and preparation island. 

Bedroom 1 - this is ideal for a guest as it is on the ground floor with its own bathroom.  This is 6 m x 3 m and is next to the entrance.  It's bathroom has a shower and is characterised by stone featured walls.  It is 6.5 mq.

Bedroom 2 - this is on the second floor and shares a bathroom with the single bedroom.  It is 3.8 x 2.7 m in dimensions with beams and terracotta floors

Bedroom 3 - this is a single bedroom of 1.85 x 2.45 with a double glazed window.

The bathroom shared by these rooms is 6.5 mq and has a shower.

Further information

The property doesn't have full car access but has two parking lots one either side.  The views are amazing and the quality of the restoration is awesome.  It is very close to the Pania, the Parco delle Meraviglie and the Grotta del Vento.  The village has a 'circolo' which makes pizza over the weekends.


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