Casa Colombaccio - For Sale €90,000

ID-Casa Colombaccio

Detached House to Restore Within Easy Commute of Lucca

  • Easy Access to Lucca
  • Land for Cultivation
  • Easy Access to Local Shops and Amenities
  • Full of Tuscan Features
  • Gently Sloping Land

This house enjoys easy access and has lots of flat land either for a garden or a vegetable patch.

The house is unrestored and maintains all its original Tuscan Features as well as a well where water used to flow past.

The house has a central hallway with rooms either side of it.  On the ground floor there is a kitchen and, what would be a sitting room, upstairs, there are two bedrooms, one of which is dual aspect.  The bathroom is currently on a raised mezzanine floor and will need to be replaced.

As this was a true farmhouse, there is a water tank under the bread oven which was a classic feature of Tuscan Farmhouses.  There is also a motor which was used to water the fields behind the house.

The area is naturally rural and we are finding that lots of young people are being attracted out of the city to exactly places like this.

The name Pescaglia is thought by some to derive from the Latin Pascualia, meaning pastureland, and by others from the verb pescare, meaning "to fish". Both relate to the abundant natural resources of the territory.

While mention of Piscalia or Pascualia exist from Roman times the first specific record of the town is thought to be in documents relative to the ownership of property by the church of San Pietro in Rome dated around the 9th century.

After this documents reveal that large parts of the comune were owned by the Rolandinghi of Lombard origin. These were succeeded by the Antelminellis during the period when Pisa dominated Lucca.

Recorded control of the town and territory was achieved by Lucca in 1272. Instruction to raze the original castle was recorded in the Statute of 1308 in order to weaken the local lords. It is questionable if this order was carried out, but in 1584, architect Vincenzo Civitali was instructed to rebuild the castle. Pescaglia remained within control of Lucca from that period to today growing in size and importance.


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