The Olive Mill - For Sale €140,000

ID-The Olive Mill

Historic Mill with FLAT LAND spanning the "Pescia di Pescia" stream

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  • Great Potential for living "The Good Life"
  • Certified Electrics
  • Certified Plumbing
  • Double garage
  • Full Car Access
  • 3 Hectares of Mainly Flat land
  • Stunning Stream

This mill is found just outside the city of Pescia and has a number of outhouses and could even become a fully functioning mill as all the equipment for olive oil production.

Along the side of the land, runs the picturesque stream which is controlled further up and so there is no risk of flooding.  Across the river is the flat land were animals were kept and one can still see the walls where the natural pens were.

There are a large number of outhouses including a double garage which would make an awesome laboratory or workshop.  The mill was fully functioning and is dominated by a massive fireplace.  There are still machines within this room, for example, a historic crusher which, apparently, gives a tastier product.

The radiators and pipework are all present for the central heating to be up and running again.  The old boiler is still present in case the new owners may like to take advantage of State Eco-incentives should any be available at that time.

The land falls within the Designated Protected Origin (DOP) of the Sovrana bean should the new owner wish to start growing these.

The owners have begun the restoration, the house has CERTIFIED PLUMBING, CERTIFIED WIRING AND A LATEST-GENERATION SEPTIC TANK.

Under the house is the original water wheel.  Interestingly, the electric network company have chosen this location as the most stable spot in the area as the bedrock is so stable.

Underneath the house are huge cantinas with beautiful stone or brick floors.  There is also a built-in bread oven.

The house currently has three bedrooms and one bathroom.  There is a gorgeous dining room with a fully functioning fireplace.  The kitchen is a galley kitchen but has a small, partition wall so it would be easy open out to make a traditional style country, eat-in Kitchen.  This room opens out to the front terrace.

The house dates back to 1664 and the mill 1779.  The frontage of the house is the most modern part which dates back to 1918.

The current owners live in the house full time, they enjoy excellent Vodefone internet for work and play.

They also feel that the local community have welcomed them with open arms and have been more than helpful.  This is a great house if you want to be part of the local community.


Floorplan for The Olive Mill, Pescia

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