Palazzo di Bellavista - For Sale POA

ID-Palazzo di Bellavista

Complex of Two Stone Houses, one Divided into Two Apartments with Terraced Garden of About 600 mq.

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  • Lively Village with Some Sea Views
  • Village Shop
  • Village Square
  • Post Office Twice a Week
  • Village Bar

This property is found in the centre of the historic village of Montefegatesi.  It does have car access for a small car and a courageous driver.

The exterior of the house is characterised by sculpted heads as it was previously owned by a recognised sculptor.

The larger home is divided into two apartments, one of which is rented out to tourists.  It has one bedroom, an eat-in kitchen which has its own entrance.   The pretty stairs lead up to the upper apartment which is on the first floor.  It has a bathroom, kitchen and sitting room.  The two bedrooms are on the second floor and one of them is ensuite which, interestingly, opens out onto the land above the house.

The position is very panoramic within the village and also very sunny.  The house has had a new roof recently but still needs painting inside.  The house is partly separated from the ground using a cavity (scanna fossa).

Montefegatesi is a village with almost "cult" status in the Municipality, it is 842 m above sea level and has a sea view from some locations within the village.

The village was established and named in A.D. 993.  It became part of the Luccesia in 245 being given to them by the Emperor Federico II.  It remained strategic as it has a border with Modena over the Appenines but also with Coreglia Antelminelli.  The church in the village is dedicated to San Frediano and was built in 1771.  The organ inside the church is thought to date back to  1798.

It is interesting as there are still many inhabitants that have lived in the US and then returned to Montefegatesi.  These inhabitants clubbed together and paid for the statue of Dante Alighieri at the summit of the village.  This was erected in  1908 and was sculpted by the Lucchese sculptor F. Petroni. From this position, the views of Tre Potenze mountain, Monte Mosca, Pratofiorito e Monte Coronato can be admired.  The village has a library behind the church where classic literature can be found.

The village is very lively and has lots of events all year round.  We published the 'presepe' video from last November where there were over 50 crib scenes in competition.  There were market stalls and lots of great food.

Many of you ask for a village with a shop and bar.  Montefegatesi has both because it is a more remote village and so the inhabitants choose to stay here rather than go down to Bagni di Lucca.  Other villages, closer to the valley floor tempt people down and so it is much harder for the businesses to keep going in these lower villages.

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