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We make every effort to accurately describe the properties we list on this website. However, our descriptions are just our opinion and you may feel differently about a property should you visit. Much of the information about a property is provided by the owners and we cannot, in every case, verify that it is correct. That is usually the job of your Geometra/Surveyor who is responsible for ensuring that everything about a property is in order or that you are made aware. Also, property can deteriorate in condition and it is possible that our descriptions, and even photos, can become out of date. We, therefore, do not provide any guarantees or contractual obligations based on the information contained in this website and no contractual value or obligation is suggested or maintained here by the Italian Property Gallery Srl.

Furthermore, there is no substitute to viewing a property for yourself and we will not put forward any offers on a property unless the potential buyer has viewed the property for themselves.

The information contained in this website and any subsequent correspondence with the Italian Property Gallery Srl is without prejudice and has no contractual value and in no way represents a commitment of The Italian Property Gallery Srl.

Any opinions that we may from time to time offer are given in good faith as an aid to the buyer or vendor but should not be considered in any way contractual or representing an obligation on the part of the Italian Property Gallery Srl and buyers/vendors should consider taking advice from a Geometra/Surveyor or other professional if they are in any doubt as to the condition, suitability, restoration cost, value or other aspect of their purchase or sale.

In no event shall The Italian Property Gallery Srl be liable for any costs incurred by buyers or vendors during their purchase or selling activities including travelling, accommodation, quotations or anything else.