Consultancy Services

IPG... the Italian Real Estate experts

The Italian Property Gallery are experts in the field of Italian real estate and offer a wide variety of services to our customers; from property sales to renovation project management.

The services provided by The Italian Property Gallery include swimming pool installation and management, complete property restoration service, interior design service, fiscal management, legal services for guidance with property purchase, property letting and community relations.

Swimming Pool Installation Management

The Italian Property Gallery has strong links with several local pool firms, that enables us to provide a complete pool installation management service. This includes collaborating with specialist Geometras to guide the project through the design, planning and build stages to completion. We can also negotiate and supply service management packages to look after your investment.

Property Restoration Service

The Italian Property Gallery offer a choice of bespoke restoration packages to suit your budget, the requirements of the restoration and the style in which you wish the property to be restored. We offer a fixed price full restoration service. This begins with the client, the Italian Property Gallery, and the contractor negotiating a bidding contract (Contratto D’appalto). This bidding contract can include as many details as you, the client, want. This can be a “key in hand” service, meaning that the price of floor tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, railings and services are all included in the price. Another option would be to use a builders’ finish within the fixed price, in which case we can then offer a shopping service either in person or via internet to help you choose your finish.

Interior Design Service

The Italian Property Gallery are happy to collaborate with any interior design service nominated by the client and we can also recommend local designers who you may like to work with.

Fiscal Management

Italian property taxes are low compared to most western countries. Part of the responsibility of owning a property here in Italy is to maintain a legal tax status. We are proud to work with Studio 92 who provide both the best and the cheapest accountancy service for our clients.

Consultancy Choices

Fixed Price Menu
House visits €70
Cleaning - team of 2 €30 per hour
Gardening €40 per hour
Registered Letter Collection €40
Residency (only) €250
Property Tax Set up €80
Utility bill transfers and banking €400
Utility bill monitoring €120
Utility bill monitoring and payments €230
Translation services €110 per hour
Shopping, Furnishings etc per hour €40 per hour
Shopping,Furnishings etc per hour €40 per hour
Speciality Consultancy €110 per hour
Bank Visit to Pay bills €40 per hour
Routine assistance €65 per hour
Emergency call-out €100 per hour
Airport Collection €95

Renovation Projects

Cost * Quality * Timeliness

Individual service to meet your reconstruction needs:

Initial Consultation Free
Project Plan As Agreed
Estimates As Agreed
Project Management As Agreed

Buying your Italian real estate is just the first step in realising your Italian property dreams. The Italian Property Gallery are committed to supporting you all the way and providing you with a joined up one-stop-shop solution completely tailored to your requirements. Please contact us if you need any advice or for further information.