Casa Leopolda - For Sale €54,000

ID-Casa Leopolda

Semi-Detached House with Garden Restored to Builders' finish in the Garfagnana National Park with a barn and land 

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  • Finished to Builders Finish
  • Includes a barn

This Property has one of the best view that you could get of the Uomo Morto mountain. 

This property has a new roof and new cement floors as well as all the duct work for the electrician to come along-  It is set in one of the villages just above Castelnuovo di Garfagana on a rural bus route. There is a very well known restaurant 5 km away. 

At the moment, there are no internal rooms and so the new owner can design exactly the kind of home that they would like. The price also includes a barn and the flat land just few meters away from the house. 

From here you could easily get to Careggine where the sky slopes are founds, there are also plenty of hiking route and the Fortezza di Montealfono, where in the summer there is a music festival,  is close by. 

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