Complesso Franca - For Sale €1,870,000

ID-Complesso Franca

Super Foods Farm Complex made of six self catering apartments, lots of agricultural land and a working farm just outside the medieval town of Castiglione di Garfagnana 

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This Lavish Complex consists of 13.7 hectares of mainly, gently sloping land, a Riding Rectangle with full illumination and all the materials to produce products from the Garfagnana.

Of the 13.7 hectares, there are 1.5 hectares of fruit orchard with more then 500 trees, 1 hectare of spelt which is really popular to eat all year round,  7 hectares of woodland, 3 hectares of grassland, 0.2 hectares of vegetable, 1 hectare of service area and parking.

All the products have an Organic certification by ICEA which gives the new owner an immediate advantage in this secter of food production.

There is a great horse field which is irrigated and illuminated.  At the moment, the stables are used by another owner and so the horses present are not part of the deal.

There are several ways of buying this opportunity and the price is as if one buys the entire business.  One could buy the buildings but that would be a waste at a time when we are all taking the environment into account and looking towards a closer relationship with nature.

It is possible also to purchase this working farm with the current manager in post to continue the business as it has been run so far. With 3 staff and a manager and seasonal staff.

The current manager is very precise and will assist the new owner in their new life here in Italy.

The entire farm has water and irrigation but the 'mother tank' needs some attention. The irrigation has 10 distribution points with a tank holding 3000 gallons which is a fully functioning tank.

There is 3 phase electrics so that, as an agriturismo, it is completely certified to be able to operate immediately.

The farm specialises in ancient fruits and nuts that are used in sports energy drinks.  These are dried using a cold drying system.  All contracts are in place to sell the products.

This is a farm that produces ancient fruits that are in great demand today!

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