Casa Ginza - For Sale €350,000

ID-Casa Ginza

Large Home Built in the 1950's on Flat Land with Fantastic Views and Full Car Access

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  • Fantastic views
  • Flat land

Overview - 

This property is found in the Garfagnana National Park, where time does not flow, the business card of the Valley is a real invitation to enjoy life, relax on the edge of a swimming pool or lying on a fragrant meadow of "pepolino" (wild thyme), silently listening to the sounds of nature that surrounds this house.

Let yourself be enthralled by this goslow, it will be easy to discover hidden corners of the Valley which offer entirely different aspects to the change of the seasons: the footpath, landscape, Woods, colours every time will be for you a new emotion.

So many ways to get closer to the natural environment of Garfagnana with outdoor sports and activities planned for both experts and beginners.

This house has a nearly, completely open plan downstairs, with French windows.  There is a garage on this level as well as a bathroom.  There are high ceilings.

Upstairs, there are four large bedrooms and a bathroom.  Again, the windows are large allow natural light to come into the rooms.

The land is fully fenced and flat.


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