Casa Tosca - For Sale €40,000

ID-Casa Tosca

Bargain Home in Great Village with Pizzeria, Restaurant and Shop.  As well as Villa where courses are held.

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  • Within Walking Distance of Amenities
  • Large Breakfast Terrace
  • Gin and Tonic Terrace with Views of the Alpi Apuane

This house can easily be revolutionised to make it one of the coolest in the village.  At the moment, it is on 3 floors entering on the Ground Floor.  The ground floor has a central living room, two other rooms, currently bedrooms, a kitchen and a large bathroom.

There are marble stairs going up to another bedroom currently and a massive living space over 30 mq.

If this were my house, I would move the kitchen upstairs, put in a wrought iron railing to make the kitchen open plan to open out to this massive living space.  

Underneath the house, are three basement rooms that are finished to builders finish.  One has the boiler as the house has reasonably recently, had central heating installed.  There is then a very large room in which a pool table or table tennis table could go.

The central heating currently runs on oil and the house, could be lived in while a running restoration takes place.

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