Casa Lo Scoiattolo - For Sale €135,000

ID-Casa Lo Scoiattolo

Stunning Stone House Above the Village Offering Full Car Access for a Small and Courageous Car, Central Heating Breathtaking Views

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  • Full of Tuscan Character
  • Beautiful Stone Home
  • Gated Entrance
  • Full Central Heating
  • 3 Gardens on the side, front and back

This property was originally the drying (Seccatrice ) house for the Jute which is one of the reasons why it has two large terraces for the drying.

There is a shop nearby which can be accessed on foot as well as a restaurant and butchers' a little further on.  The stroll is pleasant and will take about 10 minutes to get to the first shop with a further 40 minutes to get to the other shops and restaurants.  The village has a communal wood oven from which bread can be ordered. There is also a bus station within walking distance.

Behind the house there are wonderful chestnut forests in which the observant can find Porcini and Chanterelle mushrooms.  Below there is a walk to Bagni di Lucca which takes about an hour.

There are actually 2 discrete halves to the house surrounded by a walled garden offering complete privacy.  There is a gated entrance into the flat, walled garden surrounded by wysteria.

At the moment, there is an entrance hall and a small kitchen, it would be good to open this up to make an open living area. There is a fireplace at the far end of this room with a wood burning stove in it.

Behind the kitchen is a spiral staircase leading to the landing, three bedrooms and the bathoom with tub.  Across the terrace is the most gorgeous Meditation room with south-facing windows.

The entire house is double glazed and the roof has always been maintained but doesn't have insulation.

The house is full of character with attractive floors and beams. There are two cantinas, one of which is used for storage but has both water and electricity.  The other is used as a study.

Do note that the photos were taken when the owners still lived in the house but, now it is not furnished.

Behind the house is attached woodland, there are also lots of other land parcels totalling 4870 mq for logging. This also perfect for cutting down wood for woodburning in the winter.The house also has a hot water tank on the roof providing hot water in the summer.

This property has a side, front and back gardens with variety of plants land trees like the Camelia,Japanese Maple, Pomegranate, a Citronella, Rosemary and Caper bushes. There is also an American vine and as seen in the photos, this property has a gorgeous wisteria that gives the view from the terraces a purple frame in the summer.

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