The Shoemaker's House - For Sale €40,000

ID-The Schoolmaker's House

The house for the person looking for Historic Tuscan Features and an Amazing Project Close to Lucca.

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  • Large Open Spaces to Restore into a NY Attic Style Property
  • Easy to Take Services to
  • Carte Blanche for Restoration
  • Characterised by 'Poste-a-fila' stonework
  • Arched Windows
  • New Floors
  • Partly Restored Roof

This is the oldest house in the village and was once the shoemakers house.

The chestnut drying shed has a gap where they would put the chestnuts ready to light a fire underneath.  This is shown in the last photo.

The age of the house is noted by the stonework which is placed in a style called Poste-a-Fila seen in the second-to-last photo.  There is even the original cement. 

Typical in these old houses, the ground floor was used for storage or keeping chickens.

The living area is raised and accessed by stone stairs.  Here one enters a large, light room with arched windows which still have the original closures.  Apparently in history, these windows actually didn't have glass due to the clement climate.  There are stairs going up to the Minstrals gallery.

The property has been structurally restored recently to make it safe.

The village is well inhabitated and can maintain a village shop. It is characterised by its narrow cobbled streets and hidden archways. The village also has a club that is held in a room belonging to the parish which opens twice a week in the winter and every day in the summer offering a communal meeting place and some organized events. There are two restaurants within walking distance although one is closed for renovation.  Very close to Lucca.


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