Casa Celeste - For Sale €165,000

ID-Casa Celeste

Detached Village Home in Popular Area just South of Lucca towards Pisa

  • Within walking distance of the bus to Lucca
  • Within Walking Distance of shops, restaurants and a coffee shop
  • Carte Blanche for you to use your immagination and flare

Santa Maria del Giudice is a well appointed village with shops, restaurants and a great cake shop.  This property, although, detached is within the village so it is ideal for someone wishing to live the Italian lifestyle and interact with the neighbours.

The house has a detached garage where the small parking lot is and the bus stop.  At the moment, one walks up a short but steep driveway to arrive at the house.  The house has a garden on the south-eastern side.

The house has completely restored on the outside the exterior including the roof, this needs only the interior to be restored.  This part of any restoration is the fun part when materials can be chosen, kitchens can be installed, windows can be replaced.  

The base of the house is very nice and the stonework is beautiful.  There are beams and terracotta floors.

At the moment, the house is not attached to the services and will need to be attached to the sewers but, we can assist with all of that.

On the raised ground floor, there is a studio with a separate entrance, a large sitting room with fireplace and mulitple windows.  The kitchen is large enough to eat-in and has a door out to the garden.

Upstairs, there is a perfectly, serviceable bathroom with shower which was installed in the 1990's.  There are also 2 double bedrooms and a single bedroom.

The 'mansarda' above the house would make a great den.

Not only does this house come with a garage but it also has a barn which, one could turn into a little guest suite.  It even has its own garden.  This has a new roof too but is really only one 1.5 floors as it was the tinaio where the olives were pressed. 

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