Casa Stella - For Sale €40,000

ID-Casa Stella

Rescue House Attached to All Services and barn, both needing Full Restoration

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  • Very Original Features including Amazing Fireplace

Here in Sillano, life changes, the hills are romantic and, in the middle of all of this is an oasis.

Sillano has several shops and a bank, then through a tunnel, one reaches a Villa Soraggio where the Eremo del Volto Santo is found.  There is a glass viewing platform here.

One would think this was the end of the road but actually, you continue on and end up at Metello where the restaurant and shop is.  Turning right, one then connects with the Parco del Orecchella.

The house needs a new roof, but once that is done, it can be restored reasonably easily.

At the moment, there is not real garden apart from a small terrace in front of the house, however, it would be possible to consider levelling the barn in front of the house to make a garden.

On the raised ground floor, there is a kitchen with an antique fireplace.  Straight ahead, there are stairs going up to the first floor, where there is a second kitchen from the days when there was more than one family living inside.  There is also a bathroom on this floor and a bedroom.

The second floor has four rooms as well as an attic.

In front of the house is the barn which, again needs complete restoration and is on 2 floors.

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