Casa Dalla - For Sale €230,000

ID-Casa Dalla

Farmhouse on 1.5 Hectares of Gently Sloping Land, Divided into 2 discrete Units with a barn of 100mq

3 2
  • Full Car Access
  • Gently Sloping Land
  • Divided into 2 apartments
  • Outhouse for Restoration

This rural complex has good access almost entirely on tarmac roads with the exception being the last 50 m which is a flat gravel drive.

The barn at the beginning of the complex needs complete restoration but would make a great garage for cars.

The cantinas are very beautiful being characterised by arches.  The original wine vats are still present from when wine was made there.

One half of house was lived in quite recently and is almost habitable.  It consists of a large eat-in kitchen, dining room and bathroom.  Up the stairs, there are two large bedrooms.

The second half of the house is less well maintained and consists of another kitchen and three more large rooms with an entrance from the terrace on the first floor.  There are three steps up to the last room.  This half also has its own bathroom.

This is one of the land unrestored farmhouses that remains in its original condition.

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