Casa Del Fabbro - For Sale €60,000

ID-Casa Del Fabbro

Part of the Colle Complex.  Smaller unit of two bedrooms completely restored and has just a piece of plasterboard separating it from Casa Della Cencara

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Overview - A sympathetic restoration in true Tuscan style of a village house just above the actual spa of the spa town of Bagni di Lucca on a low hill top


Reception Room 1 - this is the 10 mq dining room with fireplace and stone wall feature.  This could be a sitting room leaving reception room 2 as the only dining room.


Reception Room 2 - entrance and dining room leading to the fitted kitchen with space for dishwasher


Kitchen 1 - this is fitted with a free-standing refrigerator/freezer, marble sink and cooker.


Bedroom 1 - this is 12 mq double bedroom with double bed and one window


Bedroom 2 - 12 mq with twin beds and a south-west to west facing, double glazed window


Further information - the bathroom is fitted with a large sink, WC and shower.  There are two large landings.  One has a washing machine in it and the other is rather picturesque and so could be a study.


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